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Information about the service provider.

slashsec Red Teaming GmbH Mariahilfer
Strasse 114, Stiege 1 Tür 18,
1070 Wien, Österreich

Object of the company: IT Dienstleistungen
Corporate register number:
Corporate register court: Wien
Company location: Wien

Phone: +43 681/1037 6994

Laws re. professions: Gewerbeordnung:

Supervisory/Trade authority: Bezirkshauptmannschaft Wien
Awarding country:

Chief executive
Dipl.-Ing. David Wind, BSc

Ownership structure
Gesellschafter Dipl.-Ing. David Wind, BSc 100%

Contact details of the data protection controller

If you have any question about data protection, please find the contact details of the body or person responsible for data protection below:

slashsec Red Teaming GmbH
Mariahilfer Straße 114/1/18, A-1070 Wien
Authorised to represent: Dipl.-Ing. David Wind, BSc
Phone: +43 681/1037 6994
Company details:

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